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More than pretty


More Than Pretty regularly publishes new blogs by leading women who make history through their lives and by serving God.


You will be able to gain insight into their everyday lives, their success, weaknesses, challenges and insecurities. They will share about their relationship with God and how they perceive their task as leaders.

This blog will encourage and strengthen you.


God writes history with ordinary people like you and me - get inspired!

More than pretty 

in german since 2015

More than pretty has been running very succefully in the German language since January 2015. 

More than pretty has published more than 100 blogs from many different female leaders from German speaking Europe.  

Check it out! 



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12 Ways to advocate for women in ministry! 
Article written by Elisabeth Graham. 
The key to faithfully walking out the biblical image of gender equality is to seek out opportunities to take practical, purposeful steps in that direction at every turn. It takes intentional effort, as does everything about partnering with God in the work of restored creation. Read full article...

Relevant Magazin

Article by Jackie Roese

3 Things Christians Get Wrong About Women Leaders 

Do we misinterpret what the Bible says?



How to find a good mentor? 

We all have great leaders that we look up to and learn from through observation, but what does it look like to find a mentor that will help you along your journey, and how can you be a great mentor to others. Watch this great video resource as Dr. Christina Crenshaw, professor at Baylor University, shares some wisdom from her journey on finding a good mentor and how to lead others looking to you as a mentor.

Christine Caine 

In this powerful message, Christine Caine encourages us to step into the future and identity that God has for us by surrendering our hearts to Him, today.

Danielle Strickland Canada 

Salvation Army Officer

Danielle Strickland shares some lessons in leadership. 

Shauna Niequist

As the daughter of Bill and Lynne Hybels, co-founders of Willow Creek Church, Shauna Niequist watched the logistics of her parents' ministry and life prompt her mother to push her passions to the side. But as she grew older, she saw her mother blossom. Don't let logistics stand in the way of calling, her mother says now. In this talk from Q Nashville in April 2014, Shauna talks about what she's learned from her mother, and how that has shaped the life of her own family.

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