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Frau in Leiterschaft

More than pretty


Mike Breen 

Founder of the 3dm Global Missional Network.

He has been an innovator in leading missional churches and developing leaders throughout Europe and the United States for more than 25 years. 

"One of the great truths of scripture is that we are all equal in the eyes of God. Women, men, old, young, we all get the same access to Gods love and grace and all get to share in the same ministry and kingdom of Christ. 'More Than Pretty' teaches and celebrates this truth and so equips and empowers us all to know more of our destiny together."


Sally McClung

Elder of All Nations International & Autor of "Where Will I Find The Time? "

"As women in leadership and responsibility, we face so many challenges! Often there is no place to turn for advice and encouragement.  "More Than Pretty" gives these things in a positive, helpful way.  No preaching, no criticism - just love and practical, uplifting ideas."

Martin Bühlmann 

Church Planter, Author, Leader Vineyard Movement Germany, Austria & Switzerland 

Women are not better leaders than men, but they are just as called and gifted. Jesus has broken down the wall that separates men and women.  He gives his calling regardless of gender.
Why is the women's liberation movement over?  There are many areas of responsibilities still outstanding for Christian women. The question is if spiritual fathers and mothers are ready to help those women find their place in church and society. This is not simply about leadership in church but about all areas of human life. This shouldn't be at the expense of men but for the benefit of family, church and society.
More than pretty really is more than pretty. 
Frauen in Leiterschaft

Dr. Wilf Gasser 

Associate Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance

Even though women “carry” cultures and often also whole national economies, it is not a given that they are in leadership positions, especially in Christian churches. In my personal life and surroundings I have experienced the co-operation between men and women who hold responsibility as a great enrichment.


I think we need to learn as christian communities, as men and women, that we look at each other eye to eye.  


We have to learn to complement each other in such a way that both genders can lead in their strengths. It´s great that this blog deals with this aspect, too! 

Floyd McClung 

Founder of All Nations, Autor and International Speaker

"One of the hidden secrets of the church is the role women have played in leadership throughout the centuries, from the first century until today. I endorse this blog site one hundred percent! It meets a great need! Thank God for what Doris Lindsay and others are doing to encourage and equip women with a calling to serve as leaders, both in the church and in other spheres of life. God has equally gifted women and men with gifts of leadership. For women, that starts in the home when they raise, teach and mentor their children - but it does not stop there. If a woman can raise her sons and daughters to be men and women of God, is not that the greatest confirmation there is to God's call on their lives to lead by serving and teaching others? I think so! 
I pray God's blessing on this blog site - it is a gift to the body of Christ!"

Andreas "Boppi" Boppart 

Mission Leader Campus Crusade Switzerland 

I am against quota women - one´s gender is no performance record but the effect of God´s distribution of X and Y chromosomes. However, I sincerely wish for more women in leadership positions.
Every person should be able to grow into their predestined design by God  and fulfill their assigned tasks.
In case men are a stumbling block for the calling of women: men, get out of the way! In case women are a stumbling block to themselves: women, get up! Leadership levels need female traits - because they reflect God´s character just as much as men's. Without women, the picture of God that organisations and churches communicate is one-sided and crooked. 


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