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More than pretty

I am excited!
I believe there is a new generation of young women, who are ready to take responsibility and to step up to lead! 


Debora Alder-Gasser

Vineyard Church Bern


Our nations need mothers and rolemodels in leadership who encourage and train the younger generation of female leaders! 

Susanna Rychiger 

Leader 24/7CH Prayer 


Why this blog?  

Whether a man or a women, I love it when people find their calling and live out their potential.

I have a heart for the kingdom of God breaking through in our everyday lives so that people around us may recognise how good and wonderful God is. I dream about us not being satisfied with what we have but wanting to experience that God heals, sets free and calls people to himself in our broken society. We need new leaders that carry on the Great Commission of Jesus. All nations should hear of Him and that the church is the hope of the world. But where are they - the women that have influence in this area and shape it?

I believe, there is a great unutilised potential of future female leaders in our groups, churches and movements, as well as female speakers and brave multiplicators that are released to do this. I desire to encourage the leadership potential that God has entrusted us with, whether it be for a man or a woman!


God has entrusted women with more than just beauty.


Women are allowed to be and become what God has planned for them. This is less to do with their gender and more with their God-given gifts and talents. We as human beings move in clichés. The media have drummed into us that men are strong and women are beautiful. I believe that these kinds of clichés stop the potential that God wants to release. Female leaders are allowed to be strong and loud, emotional, initiative and strategic, harmonious and soft. My desire is it to remove the stereotypes or wishes of how genders should behave! God has called the women, He wants to shape them and set them free according to their gifts. However, in many cases this is a lonely path of trial and tribulation for women in leading positions. Often, we are missing female examples and courageous forerunners. Women need same-gender role models. Leaders who go before them, take them on their journey and let them take part in real life as a leader.


Transparency, honesty and encouragement are the values we all need in order to grow with the challenges and to reflect ourselves.  


The leaders who tell about themselves on this blog are examples for many. They have  tons of experience and are willing to share it with the readers. The fact that this contains high points and accomplishments, as well as low points and challenges is normal and should be shared - that’s why this blog exists. We strengthen women’s leadership callings and promote female leaders in their growth and passion for the kingdom of God so that their full potential can be released. Of course, men may also be inspired and learn from the women! I long for many new passionate leaders (male & female!) who make the love of God visible! 


Doris Lindsay 

Founder of / Church planter in South Africa / Cape Town


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