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More than pretty is running very succefully in the german language since January 2015. 

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The impossible Race

If someone over the past years would have told me that one day I would join the Women´s Run, I would have laughed out loud. Inside I would have thought, “what a shame”, because I am not very sporty, have got too much weight and care too little about my health.

I always had hoped for the right moment, but this never seemed to come about. The ministry for God absorbed my whole attention, simply because it provided me with so much joy. I love to see situations changed, to have an impact.

In October 2017 together with younger leaders across Europe we studied 2 Timothy. A friend of mine shared about her very spontaneous marathon experience and I thought to myself, “I would really love to run a race myself and go through that experience very personally. I want to run across the finish line and reach the goal”.

This running and endurance had been on my heart over the last couple of years. About 2,5 years ago I had experienced a big personal crisis, where I had to give up a ministry I so dearly loved and had been so important to myself. In these very difficult times I had wonderful people journeying with me, people that cheered me on and encouraged me to keep going and to wait upon God.

But now running this goal myself? What would this imply for me? And to reach the goal, what would I need to sacrifice for it? What were lessons in there which might be relevant for me as a female leader?

With these and more questions I started into 2018. I decided that I would attend my first Women´s Run in Hamburg with more than 8000 women in July 2018. The registration took 5 minutes, the goal seemed unachievable.

It started with a diet and dietary changes plus a return to the gym which had not seen me for more than 3 years, and after a few weeks the start of training runs.

What have I (re)discovered over the past 7 months:

  • Goals need to be written down and scheduled into the calendar

  • Goals need to be communicated: I started a WhatsApp group with some of my siblings where we would hold each other accountable; went back to my work place and told my favourite colleague about my goals

  • Together you are stronger, run faster and endure longer: my twin-sister offered to run with me twice a week, my colleague and I started a running group and run once a week after work

  • Focusing on activities, diet and online research helped me to also focus better on other projects around younger leaders; my studies received more attention and I tackled things I had neglected. This new focus also helped me to say no to some ministry requests, even though they sounded fantastic and would have been great in my CV as a leader

  • I checked my eating habits: Why am I eating what I am eating? Am I compensating with food? Why would I like to reward myself with food?

  • These new regularities encouraged me with a new love for the Word of God. Not only did I study 2 Timothy intensely but the Bible in general. Bible apps here were a great help, too.

After 6 months of sweaty activities, hundreds of hours of fitness and practicing running, abstain from many favourite foods, on 7 July I ran my race in my personal best time.

After 6 months of sweaty activities, hundreds of hours of fitness and practicing running, abstain from many favourite foods, on 7 July I ran my race in my personal best time.

It gave me loads of joy and the finish line was crossed. I am so grateful to God , who has provided me with new wisdom concerning my personal fitness. And yes, I got lighthearted, too, as I lost more than 30 kg.

To stay on this path and to keep running the race of life, various runs are planned, activities put into my calendar and the prayer, that I would deeply discover that foremost I am simply a loved child of God and that it is important to also look well after myself.

The verse which has so much motivated me in 2018 is:

2 Tim 4:7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

At the end of my life it is not important if I was a successful leader, but if I have run the race of life well with Jesus. And this I will pursue. More than ever!

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